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Wonsuponatime blog relaunch

Wonsuponatime boutique offers a curation of beautiful, hand-picked jewellery from around the world. This new-concept boutique focuses on the story behind the jewellery, as much as the jewellery itself.

By offering hand-made and custom sourced pieces from around the world, Wonsuponatime is a magical alternative, to every day, high street pieces.


Each piece of jewellery comes with its own fairytale, telling the story of each designer. This whimsical touch adds a personal twist to purchases, making it extra special.

Who’s behind Wonsuponatime?

Sarah Andrews: founder

Sarah Andrews

Obsessed with fashion and style from an early age, Sarah was always surrounded by dress up clothes, costume jewellery and her mother’s shoes. As she grew up, not much changed and she wore more of the same, feminine, pretty clothes and always sparkling jewellery.

Sarah was also Internet obsessed from a pre-teen and taught herself how to build websites, and blogging before it was called ‘blogging’. This experience combined with a love of words and literature led to her a career working for Harrods, QVC, Glamour Magazine and more. Taking this experience, and through years of looking for exciting new fashion talent, Wonsuponatime was born.

Contact us at hello@wonsuponatime.com for more information.

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